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Welcome to Circle of Quiet

Our goal at Circle of Quiet Today is to create a supportive environment in which our clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential. It is a place where people can heal themselves, and allow their own intuition to come alive. 

There are many alternatives to help us clear these blocks and empower ourselves to make amazing shifts in our lives and healing process.

Maria's philosophy is to create a place of safety, learning and joy, where people can begin to know and follow their own inner divine wisdom to create guidance in their lives.

A Better You

We all have intuition, however, many of us have blocked our own innate wisdom for a variety of reasons.

Depression and Sadness Codependency
Anxiety and Stress Communication Issues
Arguments Trust Issues
Loneliness Emotional Intimacy
Trauma Self-esteem Issues


"Compassion is when I meet you nose to nose.
I look into your eyes and you look into my eyes.
All we see is laughter and caring."

- Maria Peterson

Maria Peterson

Maria Peterson

IET Master Instructor Trainer

Phone: 612-281-5613



Here is a list of upcoming classes for you.  Please register online!


The Registration "2014 IET Master-Instructor Class - Sherman Oaks CA - July 26 - 27" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 07/25/2014, 1:49pm CDT (CDT).

Circle of Quiet Classes

The Registration "10 Part Harmony Part 1 and 2 Plymouth MN July 19 and 20 2014" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 07/12/2014, 11:22am CDT (CDT).

The Registration "10 Part Harmony September 13 and 14 2014" is not currently available.


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