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IET™ Master-Instructor

IET Master-Instructor Class

IET Master-Instructor Class is a two day class where you ‘REACH FOR THE STARS AND BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE ‘.  This class builds on all of the knowledge and techniques learned in the previous three levels of IET.  This two day training teaches you how to work directly with 12 strand DNA.  The class has two main focuses: Your own personal journey and developing a client practice as energy therapist and teacher. The title ‘Master’ refers to the attunement component, that opens you to your 6th pair of DNA, fully expanding and aligning your energy field with the Angels and the IET vibration. This expansion brings even stronger levels of IET energy through you for self-treatment, absentee healing and client sessions.  The ‘Instructor’ refers to your ability to teach IET classes and attune others to the IET energy ray.

This packed two day class empowers you to ‘live the life you’ve imagined’.  By opening further to the IET ray, you will come to know, understand and express yourself in deeper more meaningful ways that not only expand you, but touch the world and the Earth in loving and joyful expression.

Pre-requisite is Basic ,Intermediate and Advanced Level IET. You do not need to have practiced or use previous acquired IET skills in order to take this class.  This class is designed to launch you into the’ life you have imagined’ on a personal and professional level.

What will you learn in class

  • IET Attunement Process
  • IET Sacred Geometry 
  • I-Chi Process
  • Blessings Bowl Process
  • Powerbursts
  • 12 Strand DNA Alignment
  • Advertising, enrolling and organizing an IET class
  • Clearing your resistance to prosperity
  • Introduction to IET Products, guides and certificates
  • Heart Hug Process
  • Sacred Heartnet process
  • Receive 6 (2 each of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level Attunements)
  • Receive a 70 page manual
  • Receive a Master-Instructor Certificate

Circle of Quiet Classes

The Registration "10 Part Harmony in Sherman OAKS March 21 and 22 2015" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 03/22/2015, 2:16pm CDT (CDT).

The Registration "10 Part Harmony Part 1 and 2 MN April 25 and 26 2015" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 04/26/2015, 11:34am CDT (CDT).

for Integrated Energy Therapy

Please make sure you have completed the required level before registering for the next class.

  1. Basic IET
  2. Intermediate IET
  3. Advanced IET
  4. Master Instructor IET